Over the last year we’ve been hard at work talking to pet owners like you, and designing a great new way to feed hay to your pets.

We’re proud to introduce the Tidy Feeder, a convenient, simple, natural alternative to feeding hay by hand from plastic bags.

Image of Tidy Feeder in a store, and image of a rabbit eating from the Tidy Feeder.

  • Minimize the mess made by loose hay
  • Save time and reduce waste by keeping uneaten hay clean
  • Give your pet something fun and stimulating to eat from
  • Reduce allergies from contact with hay
  • Made with safe, food grade, non toxic ink and paper

Learn more about the tidy feeder & our hay here ยป


We have arranged a distribution network that allows our Tidy Feeder to be available through over 700 pet shops across Canada. Take a look at the map on our where to buy page to find a store near you.

Thank You!

Thanks to everyone who contributed with input and feedback in the past year. Your participation made it possible for us to create a Tidy Feeder that’s right for you and your pets. We appreciate your support, and look froward to hearing about your experiences with on our hay and our feeder.

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