We’re proud to announce that we have partnered with Anipet Animal Supplies to distribute the Tidy Feeder™ to pet stores across Western Canada.

We had a great reception at Anipet’s open house, and many stores have already brought our hay to neighborhoods across BC, Alberta, Manitoba, and even the Yukon! This means you’ll soon be able to find the Tidy Feeder™ in a store near you, and it’s easier than ever to get if they don’t carry it. Just ask your store to order the Tidy Feeder from Anipet, and they’ll be happy to bring it in for you.

If you own a pet specialty store in Western Canada this means it’s now easier than ever to support Canadian farmers and offer a unique Canadian hay product. Just add our Tidy Feeder™ it to your next order from Anipet, or give them a call at 1 866 926 4738.

Remember, feeding hay is essential to the digestive health and happiness of small pets. Visit the store locator page to find the Tidy Feeder™ in a pet store near you!

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