Our first photo contest was a blast, thanks to everyone who participated!   It’s our pleasure to announce the four Cleverest Critters in Canada as voted on by our participants!

Winston ordering more hay!

Winston ordering more hay. Submitted by Jessica.

Clever Guinea Pig. Submitted by Andrew.

Lancie teaches our foster hamster, Twitchy, how to bowl. Submitted by Brenda.

Dexter The Chinchilla, he goes nuts when we play the guitar. Submitted by Melissa

You can see more pictures as well as other entries on our facebook page, at www.facebook.com/tidyfeeder under the ‘contests’ tab at the top.

Each of our winners will receive a prize of free delicious fresh hay to enjoy with their pets. We’ll be holding more contests in the future, so please come back soon or follow us on facebook to stay up to date and have a chance to win a prize in the future.

Thanks for all the great entries, and for sharing your pets with us!

-The Dunlea Farms Pet Hay team

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