Due to popular demand we’re holding a second Cleverest Critters in Canada photo contest! Is your pet a poet? A scientist? A secret agent? Share your pet’s adventure, or check the gallery to see and vote on entries. We had a great time with our first contest, and can’t wait to see what you’ll think of this time.

Prize Details

Winners will receive a case of fresh hay in our Tidy Feeder package. You can choose either 4 × 24oz packages or 8x 12oz packages, from any of our three life stage varieties.

Contest Instructions

Entry Instructions
Submit a photo of your small critter (rabbit, guinea pig, hamster, chinchilla, degu, or other small herbivore), and try to highlight what they do that is clever or surprising.

You can submit entries via our Facebook Page, or directly on this site by clicking the blue banner below, or by clicking here.

Winner Selection

The three entries that receive the most votes will be selected as winners and receive a prize as well as get featured on our website. Invite your friends to vote on your entry to boost your chance of winning.

Prize Eligibility
Anyone residing in Canada and United States can enter.

Contest Starts February 06, 2011
Contest Ends March 07, 2011

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