Last year was a great year for Dunlea Farms Pet Hay. We reached a number of great milestones,  met new friends and customers from around the world, and continued making progress on our goal to bring our great Canadian hay and innovations to pets around the world.

We also had a lot of fun hearing from our friends and fans on our Facebook page, Twitter, and in last year’s Cleverest critter Contest.

We found a great partner to help us make hay from Dunlea Farms available to pets all across the US.  Petco Animal Supplies  now carries an assortment of Tidy Feeders and Bags of Timothy Hay in towns and cities from coast to coast, and we’re very proud to be working with them to make our brand a success.

Pets and their families on both sides of the world got to enjoy the benefits of the Tidy Feeder last year. We partnered with dealers in Taiwan, Thailand, and England to bring our delicious and convenient hay to pet stores across these countries.  

Closer to home, we were honoured to be selected as a winner of the Hamilton Lion’s Lair – an investment forum organized by the Hamilton Chamber of Commerce and the Innovation Factory to identify, mentor, and support innovative high potential new businesses in the Hamilton region.

Many thanks to everyone who has helped support us – every customer, dealer, supplier, and member of the hamilton community and the dunlea farms team. We can’t wait to see what we can accomplish this year!

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