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Hay and Nutrition

What’s the difference between Timothy Hay and Alfalfa Hay?

Timothy hay is a perennial grass that’s valued for its nutrition and high fiber content. It has long grass-like leaves and smooth stems. It’s suitable for all herbivorous pets, especially for adults that need a

Alfalfa hay is a perennial legume valued for its hardiness and higher feed value than most grasses. It has branching stems and small clover-like leaves. It’s suitable for herbivorous pets that need a richer feed to promote growth or boost appetite and weight.

You can read more about hay and varieties on our Hay Guide.

Do you grow your own hay?

Yes, we grow a large crop of hay each year, and the finest hay is set aside for feeding to pets. Because each year’s harvest is dependent on weather and climate, we also have a network of talented hay farmers who help us ensure a steady supply of quality hay.

Which one is right for me and my pets?

Choose a size that’s right for your pet’s cage. Then use our handy chart to help decide which variety is right for your pets.

Tidy Feeder Package

How Long will a feeder last?

Depends on appetite

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