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Timothy Hay

Timothy Hay for Adults
12oz & 24oz Tidy Feeder ™

Timothy Hay for Adults
40oz & 96oz Bulk Bag

Alfalfa Hay & Mixed Hay

Alfalfa Hay for Babies
12oz & 24oz Tidy Feeder ™

Timothy & Alfalfa Hay for Weaning
12oz & 24oz Tidy Feeder ™


Tidy Feeder ™ – For a cleaner home – just hang and feed

Try our Tidy Feeder ™, and you’ll experience a clean, convenient, and natural way to feed hay. It helps you reduce waste and mess, save time, keep uneaten hay clean, and reduce allergies. Best of all, the carton is made with safe inks and paper – it’s a fun and stimulating way for your pets to get their daily hay.

How does it work? It’s easy!

1. Hang it - 2. Open it - 3. Watch & enjoy - 4. Recycle

  • It works as a feeder, but doubles as a toy
  • It’s safe, the paper and inks are all non-toxic
  • Stimulating way to feed hay – challenge your pets to dig and pull it out.
  • A clean, convenient, and natural way to feed hay
  • Helps keep your home and your pet’s cage clean
  • Two sizes to suit every cage

The right variety for every life stage

It’s not always clear which hay is right for your pet. As a general rule, grassy hays (like Timothy) should be fed to fully grown pets, and richer legumes (like Alfalfa) should be fed to growing pets or as occasional treats. Dunlea Farms Pet Hay recommends feeding hay varieties based on the life stage of your pet. Read our handy table below to see which variety is right for you.

Recommended Feeding Guide Alfalfa Hay
for Babies
Timothy & Alfalfa
for Weaning
Timothy Hay
for Adults
  • feed hay in unlimited quantities
  • provide clean, fresh water at all times
  • richer in protein and calcium
  • promotes growth and strong bones
  • balances protein and fiber
  • helps your pet adjust to the taste of timothy hay
  • good source of extra energy for pregnant, nursing, or older pets that have trouble maintaining their weight
  • higher in fiber and lower in protein
  • promotes good digestion and a healthy weight
Rabbits, Chinchillas,
and other larger pets
up to 6 months 6 months up to 1 year over 1 year
Guinea Pigs, Hamsters, Rats, Degus,
and other tiny pets
up to 6 months up to 6 months over 6 months
Any Species pregnant & nursing
Recommended Products: 12oz & 24oz Tidy Feeder ™ 12oz & 24oz Tidy Feeder ™ 12oz & 24oz Tidy Feeder ™
40oz & 96oz Bulk Bags

*Individual requirements may vary. Consult your veterinarian for specific needs.

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