Alfalfa Hay for Babies – 12 & 24oz Tidy Feeder™

Try our Tidy Feeder ™, and you’ll experience a clean, convenient, and natural way to feed hay. It helps you reduce waste and mess, save time, keep uneaten hay clean, and reduce allergies. Best of all, the carton is made with safe inks and paper – it’s a fun and stimulating way for your pets to get their daily hay.

  • Alfalfa Hay is richer in protein and calcium
  • It helps promotes growth and strong bones

How does it work? It’s easy!

1. Hang it - 2. Open it - 3. Watch & enjoy - 4. Recycle

Two sizes of Tidy Feeder to suit every cage

Our larger Tidy Feeder contains 24 oz of fresh green hay, and is suitable for rabbits or homes with several guinea pigs that share their hay.

Our smaller Tidy Feeder contains 12 oz of delicious hay, and is suited for little pets, smaller cages, or colonies of mice or degus.

Less work, and a cleaner home for you and your pets

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