I picked up 2 boxes of your Tidy Feeders (the smallest blue boxes), and just wanted to let you know that it is wonderful, you have made me a happy mom. Cleaning up is now so much easier and I don’t have to vacuum every day now or worry if I have given them enough for the day.

- Diane in Hamilton

Hi! I just bought your hay for my bun last tuesday for the first time! I had seen it before but thought "that isn't going to last her very long..." but I tried it out, and she STILL has some! I have no idea how you guys fit so much hay into one not so huge box. It's like a box of infinite holding!! That, or maybe she's not eating tons of it because she spends all possible time under my bed. But she loves it! I hear her munching a way and pulling more out of the box. Nothing better then happy bunny munching sounds! I picked up another box today, for whenever it does run out.

- Caitlin in Ottawa

We have a guinea pig (named Nibbles - for honest reason) that loves this product! I worried about purchasing such a large bag, but the bag is very durable and the timothy doesn't seem to loose it's quality or flavor. She can be a picky eater, but never refrains from gobbling this treat!!! Thank you!

- Annie41 in Salem, USA

My rabbit loves his Timothy hay and I love the easiness of just hanging the edible box on the cage.

- Lisa in Ottawa

Just wanted to let you know that my bunny has a box of the timothy hay, and has gone nuts over it. It's like candy in hay form, or something. From now on I'll be buying your hay -- my boy loves it, and it's a bonus that you're local!

- Maggie in Ottawa

We gave one Tidy Feeder to a very ill rescue bunny during February. She was suffering from head tilt (along with loss of balance and coordination) and a Tidy Feeder was a great hay option for her, as it was hard for her to eat hay from the cage floor without falling over. She absolutely LOVED it and it helped her start eating on her own again while she recovered. 🙂 She is doing wonderfully now and has a prospective forever home!

- Regan in Ottawa

New Moon Rabbit Rescue

Our local pet store carries the Tidy Feeders and upon trying one with my very picky rabbit, he adored the timothy hay! 🙂 We also tried to alfalfa for an ailing rabbit unwilling to eat any hay at all and it was the only hay he would touch. New Moon loves your products, honestly!

- Regan in Ottawa

New Moon Rabbit Rescue

I like that it was very easy to use, and it did keep their cages a lot cleaner.

- Irene in Toronto

I have tried the Tidy feeder .... AND LOVE IT!!!!!!

I have 3 rabbits... I have 2 hay racks on their cage, but it makes a big mess when they use them. The Tidy feeder is exactly that- TIDY! They pull out what they eat. Their cage stays nice and neat. It's wonderful! I will be picking up another one in the near future.

- Jennifer in Mississauga

My pets love the Timothy hay in the Tidyfeeder. And I think it is a great way to reduce the mess and keep the hay clean. I'm so glad I got to try one. I will definitely buy in the future.

- Christine in Mississauga

I just wanted to say that my 2 rabbits greatly enjoy the Tidy feeder. We had it attached to our bunny condo but took it off to give them something to play with. They enjoy the challenge of the opening as well as the box being made of their favorite cardboard. It's very fun for them and I enjoy things that keep their interest!

- Natasha in the US

I finally got the bunnies and I have to admit, they really like the hay. I think the feeder is great and actually surprised how long it’s survived. I tried to take a photo with them eating it, but anytime I got close to them they stopped.

I didn’t know that there would still be so much hay in the box. Not even sure if they are half way done eating it yet. I guess you guys packaged a lot in that small box which is great for me.

- Nadine in Toronto

The Girls have decided that the best place to cuddle pile now, is in the TidyFeeder and on top of it. Thanks for letting my animals be part of the trial!

We’re the Tidy Girls
The Tidy Girls
The feeder is also a toy for us squirrels Coz we’re the Tidy Girls.

- Kim in Toronto

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